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I am currently unable to offer this service due to the ongoing situation with Covid. However I do hope to be able to offer it again in the future. I still offer Distance Reiki and encourage you to try it.


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Hands-on Reiki

 Bringing Balance to Mind. Body & Spirit


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About Hands on Reiki


The treatment takes place on a massage table, but can also be given seated if this is easier for the client. You remain fully clothed during the treatment session and only need to remove your shoes and any items such as jewellery or glasses if necessary. The practitioner will place their hands in different positions on or around the body, beginning at the head and finishing at the feet or lower back. At all times the client’s physical privacy is respected.


Clients may experience various things during a session including emotional release, seeing colours and even falling asleep. It is also common not to be aware of anything happening. In both situations the Reiki energy will be working. Afterwards there is the chance to discuss anything you might have experienced during the session and to receive feedback.


The length of a session may vary but is typically 40 minutes to 1 hour long. Clients often feel sleepy or more relaxed after a session, but everyone responds differently. It can take time to process the effects of a session, and it can take a few appointments before you notice any lasting benefit from Reiki.


Everyone's experience is personal.The best thing is to try Reiki and see if it works for you.


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