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Appointment times

Wednesday 12pm to 4pm

Thursday & Friday 10am to 5pm


Some weekend appointments may be available.


Cost: £45 for attunement

         £80 for attunement + Reiki session



Are you a Reiki practitioner who is looking to strengthen their connection to Reiki? Sometimes as practitioners it can be easy to lose that sense of connection and of Reiki in your life. Or you may also be someone initiated in Reiki who is out of practice and would find an attunement helpful in re-discovering Reiki.


An attunement is a really powerful way to help reconnect yourself with the spirit of Reiki, release old energies you may be carrying  and bring back focus and purpose for yourself and in your work with clients. It can also be useful when other avenues such as self-treatment or reflection don't seem to be bringing the connection you are looking for.


As this attunement is not an initiation it can take place either in person or online. You will be asked to provide a copy of your certification so the attunement corresponds with the level you are trained to. This service is open to all schools of Reiki.


You can also book a Reiki session together with the attunement. This can help with processing the attunement experience and lead to a deeper Reiki healing session.


If you would be interested in having a practitioner re-attunement or finding out more please get in touch via the Contact page.



**Please note: this attunement is only for Reiki practitioners and is not for people looking to be trained in Reiki.


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